Debra Hall
Associated Warehouses, Inc.

"Associated Warehouses, Inc.Associated Warehouses, Inc., in an effort to improve information access, increase operational efficiencies, and enhance customer service for our diverse and growing customer base we chose The Geneva Group to develop a software solution. The solution needed to be flexible, user friendly and able to continue growing as the demands grew. Network security was an issue and is managed effortlessly and proficiently.

The Geneva Group has and continues to successfully provide technical solutions for our business. I believe this success can be attributed to the expertise of their programmers, software developers, system analysts and engineers. I am pleased to have their organization working alongside ours, partners in this venture to keep up with the demands of today's business."

Janet Lanterman
Cruise Specialists, Inc.

"Cruise Specialists, Inc.Cruise Specialists, Inc. has been utilizing the services of The Geneva Group for many years. They have done an excellent job of developing and updating our software to the highest standards. I am proud to say that due to Ilker and the Geneva Group our software is the best in our industry."

Richard Bennington
Hematologics, Inc.

"The new version of the database is great. It has allowed us to be independent of paper and folders and we now have the ability to work from home and we have really streamlined our process. So, a large thank you goes out to Harold and Geneva-Group for this project."

Hematologics, Inc.