Cingular/AT&T Wireless

Productivity - Work process automation and productivity enhancements. Each work request is processed following the tailored work flow for the department receiving the request. Web based forms display the status of each request from initiation to finalization. Reports allow team members in the department to review the status of the requests. Data export capabilities allow individuals to create tailored reports.

Clear Communications

Productivity - Communications installation work order handling system based on VB Script in Outlook. Work orders handling dynamics are tunable using triggers based on the length of time the orders remained at a given state. Emails were sent to involved individuals requesting their attention at key process steps. Alarms (email notifications) based on rules defined by the customer, are sent when work orders stay too long at a given state. Work order history is available for each work order.



Productivity - Programming of an automated custom airplane maintenance part distribution, packing and shipping system.

Harper Engineering

Sales - Custom web site that allows automatic part indexing of PDF's for maintenance of online catalog.

Financial Services

All City Escrow

Escrow Services - Browser-based database development keeping track of escrow account progress, reports.


Sales - One-on-one advertising system allowing targeted full-color video, screen messaging, and imprinted messages to targeted ATM users. Client ASP / AXP interface to ATM Advertising system designed to identify, reach, and persuade specifically-targeted market with one-on-one media incorporating full-color video, screen messaging, and imprinted coupons.

Pacific Portfolio

Productivity - stocks and bonds portfolio management and reporting development.

Coast Mortgage

Productivity - Year 2000 assessment.


City of Des Moines, WA

On-line multiple business license renewals, on-line archive data documentation.

Department of Energy

Productivity - database development.


Productivity - software programming electronic document control database.

Washington State Convention Center

Productivity - database programming and development.


Seniors Making Art

On-going database support, network support and hosting.

Legal Voice

Database development for Calls management, reports, custom reports.

YWAM Publishing

Ecommerce Online bookstore specializing in home school and religious books. The website includes extensive content management features and secure integration with a third-party, fulfillment software package.


Child Sponsorships Website presenting needy Latin American children for sponsorship. The development included automations for the processing of photos of the children and integration with existing database systems.


The Heart Group

Productivity & Customer Satisfaction - medical database, tracking and graphical reporting of patient's vital statistics.


Productivity & Customer Satisfaction - cancer patient database with key information tracking and graphical reporting features. On-line physicians data access, HIPPA regulations.

Diagnostic Cytogenetics

Patient, physician and specimen test tracking, reports


Abitibi Consolidated

Productivity & Customer Satisfaction - paper manufacturing inventory, rolling control, customer interface.

Continental Mills

Productivity - database programming for inventory control, project tracking, product quality, formula control.

Force and Motion

Productivity - Book development / task management system allowing automatic assigning of tasks based on employee roles and business rules. Task assignments begin with bug/problem reports from reviewers of chapters in a book. Employees with the appropriate skill set are assigned the task of fixing the problem. Status of each problem is reportable via customizable reports.


Seattle Design Center

Showroom and representatives database tracking, custom reports, web-based showroom data maintenance.

Seattle Gift Center

Database and network support services

Shurguard Storage

Productivity - database programming for storage tracking and monitoring.

URAL America

Productivity - systems upgrade, backup system and software.

Services & Transportation

Cruise Specialists

Sales & Customer Satisfaction - Client, Marketing and Reservations tracking database with significant accounting and custom reporting functionality

Web Content System - custom information directory tracker for intranet.

Web-based Client, Marketing and Reservations tracking database with significant accounting and custom reporting functionality

Rick Steve's Europe through Backdoor

Tours and products database development and on-going support, smartphone app development.

Red Dot Corporation

Sales - updated online catalog order application for improved customer service.

US Northwest Express

Productivity - database accounting, inventory tracking and systems support.