Legacy Systems Migration

Companies often have applications and hardware interfaces that have stood the test of time. They have worked continuously for years, and as client systems have been updated, they have not. These applications and hardware interfaces often times become incompatible with new technology that your employees use, making it hard on staff to deal with two different systems.

Maintaining and upgrading legacy systems is a difficult challenge IT Managers and staff face today. Technological change often lowers the business value of legacy systems, which have been developed over the time. Companies are faced with the difficult task of upgrading these systems while keeping their functionality intact because such legacy systems continue to provide a competitive advantage by supporting existing business processes.

Geneva Group can give you the best of both worlds. From converting your old application to make it compatible with today’s systems to writing new device drivers to make sure your hardware keeps working, we can make the old new again. We can help your business keep critical older systems and hardware working in harmony with new systems

We’ve completed many projects that have made the old new again, such as:

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